MINTERCAT — official coin of the MinterCat project


Characteristics of coin:
• CRR 75%
• Initial reserve 1 000 BIP
• Initial price 0.1 BIP
• Initial emission 10 000 MINTERCAT

At the time of writing:
• Reserve 150 000 BIP
• Price 0,4668 BIP
• Delegated 95%
• Emission 430 000 MINTERCAT

Coin creation transaction

The link to the transaction

The purpose of the coins
• Development Fund: MINTERCAT serves as an award in competitions.
• Cost coverage: payment for the project infrastructure (hosting, domains, etc.)
• Bonuses:
MINTERCAT get people for daily entry into the game.
MINTERCAT is received by people participating in hackathons organized by the developers of the Intercat project.
• Promotions: major delegates of MINTERCAT have the opportunity to influence the vector of development of the service by voting for new features
• Currency: for use in the game MinterCat.

We emphasize that the game does not require the player to invest their funds.
The game is shareware.

The minimum withdrawal of funds in the game is the blockchain Commission for recording an action with a "game character" in the block.
These costs are covered by the coins received by the player for daily entry into the game.

Paid will be additional features that do not limit the ability of the user and does not affect the gameplay, it is a voluntary action on the part of the user.

The delegation coins
100% of the initial issue is delegated to the node - «1%».

Initial issue delegation transaction:

The link to the transaction

Every time there will be a withdrawal of coins from the validator (unbond), a separate post will be published in advance in the official channel of the project (@MinterCatEn), as well as on the official website ( MinterCat.com ).
The post will include: a link to the transaction, the amount and purpose of the review.

Burning coins
• 50% of the profits from the game project will be directed to the Fund MinterCat ( Mx836a597ef7e869058ecbcc124fae29cd3e2b4444 ), and will be used for the needs of the project-payment of the project infrastructure (hosting, domains, etc.);

Payments to players for daily entry into the game.
• 50% is distributed among all project developers.